Its just a joke.


Dear daughter,
I dont know at what age you would be reading this at, but i do know one thing, im writing this because i have been called names. A whore, slut, a stupid hoe and what not but its okay. Its all a joke right?
looking at how this generation is turning out to be, there are high chances that you would be reading this at the age of 6. Its okay though, its all a joke. Atleast thats what boys say after calling you a whore. We arent supposed to feel insulted or hurt, nor are we supposed to retaliate. We are just suppost to laugh along with the rest while you are the star of the conversation..or should i say, the victim of a stupid accusation?

You’re smiling on the outside but deeply hurt on the inside after hearing your “so called friends” joke about you being a hoe but you say nothing and plaster a fake grin on your face. Why?
Because its all a joke right?

Then youre gonna run home after putting on a brave front the whole time. Youre gonna say your too tired or exhausted because you wanna go home just so you can  crash your face into the pillow and cry your heart out. The only thing thats consoling you deep down is the fact that they didnt mean it but thats not really true. Is it?
Its not.
Because someday, some guy might give you his number thinking of this joke as a real fact or some guy might push his hand down your pant or grab hold of you in a way you will not like. What is your reaction? You push him away right? Please tell me you push him away…but let me tell you one thing. If you do that hes just gonna go ahead and call you crazy cause now your totally not his type or you suddenly aren’t pretty enough for him and what he did to you….was JUST.A.JOKE.

Atleast thats what your friends said and you believed them. Unfortunately.

I do know that you will not come to cry or to complain because according to you, your father and i dont need any unnecesary drama in our lives now, do we?

You are just gonna suppress it all and eventually you take it for granted that you are what they call you.

If you look back and think from the start…it was just a joke.

But ask yourself this it anymore?